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life happens

Prayer: on the occasion of a family welcoming a baby



Watch over this family as they settle into life with a new soul in their number. May Love and Wonder surround them and cushion them in the wakeful days ahead.

Through them we witness one of the miracles of Your love: that, like the loaves and fishes, there is always just as much for everyone, no matter how many it is divided between. (Thank you!) Please whisper this reassurance to the little big brothers and sisters who need to know this about You: that nothing and no one can dilute Your love. And please remind our grown-up hearts and bones that we, too, were once so new, so held, so loved.

Watch over this family these healing, harrowing, hallowed days. May they soon become fluent in the new language they will build for each other, and be patient with one another when their intentions get lost in translation.

In the name of the One who also came to a little family on a winter night … nuzzling and rooting and looking and learning and crying and turning their world around,

                           ~Susan Gascho-Cooke


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